Lorraine Rilling is a contemporary artist who lives and teaches in Long Island, New York. She has shown work in Brooklyn and Long Island, NY. Lorraine received a Masters degree in Art and Design Education from Pratt Institute and uses teaching experiences to inform her art making practice. Her teaching philosophy lies in helping others to develop communication skills through creation while learning to carefully observe the world with an open mind and heart.

Lorraine uses line, balance, and space to create two dimensional work that explores concepts of movement within self built structures. She prepares for her abstract pieces through meditation, and is mainly inspired by nature and learning. Her abstract paintings reflect experiences with mental health and self help, aiming to act as a conduit for growth in positive thinking while creating a structure for healthy living. As a result of her own efforts to focus on, and see, the beauty in life, Lorraine’s current paintings are based on interpretations of surfaces found on or near water.